MANY Ledbury people will be rightly appalled by Cllr Patricia Morgan's letter in the Reporter (April 11).

At a time when the town is reeling at the news of the loss of about 100 jobs, roughly doubling the local unemployment level at one fell swoop, the deputy leader of the local Conservatives weighs in with a few irrelevant details about what we still have and that "fruit-milling is continuing in Ledbury".

Yes, right, and with only 15 per cent of the jobs being retained.

From somewhere, Cllr Morgan finds the gall to accuse town councillor Richard Hadley and others of talking Ledbury down.

In point of fact, it is the local Tories who are actively doing down Ledbury and all of the other market towns in Herefordshire.

As well as a characteristically Tory callousness to the struggles of the less well off, they have consistently shown a complete indifference to anything other than their pet projects in Hereford itself.

Heineken's decision to stop cider making in Ledbury is not its fault, of course, but when things like this happen in the market towns they simply do not care.

I trust the voters of Ledbury and, indeed, Frome ward are taking note.

Dr A Warmington