REGARDING the decision to ban Saturday-night functions at Ledbury Community Centre (Reporter, April 18), I fully support Mr Eager's action.

It is now commonplace for some people to deposit litter and rubbish anywhere they please and leave areas dirty and untidy. The responsibility to clear this is then left to others with a more caring and responsible attitude.

For this to be happening in a public place such as our community centre is quite shameful.

I would imagine that bride-to-be Amanda Tomkins would be devastated to arrive at the venue for her big day only to find that it had been left in a dirty and unhygenic condition from a party the previous night.

The cost of a wedding nowadays can commonly run into thousands of pounds, and so I fail to understand how the additional cost of a professional clean-up after the event realistically presents a major financial problem to the organisers.

Alternatively, if all the attendees purchased just one drink less and put the money into a "cleaning fund" then that would more than cover the associated costs.

It is unlikely that many people wish to carry out an effective clean-up while wearing their party attire after attending an important and tiring event such as wedding.

Knowing that this task was be fulfilled by professionals would, no doubt, enhance the enjoyment for all concerned.

Paul Newton