I RESPOND to Celia Kellett’s letter questioning who had signed the 7,000-name petition opposing the addition of a lift to the Market House, implying that they obviously had no elderly or disabled relatives.

My late father Barry Jenkins started the petition as he felt so strongly that the Medieval Market House should be kept in its original state to preserve its heritage without the addition of modern structures.

Plans previously submitted proposed an external lift to the side of it which would have destroyed the external appearance. Even Celia Kellett’s reference to an internal lift she thought could be “easily” fitted to the stairway would in fact involve cutting many original beams within this listed building.

The petition has numerous signatures from disabled and elderly people who all supported my father’s concerns opposing the installation of a modern lift.

One wheelchair user told BBC Hereford and Worcester that they wouldn’t want the Market House destroyed just to get them in.

The Disability Rights Commission and English Heritage supported it would not be reasonable to deny entry for everyone simply because it could not be made accessible to those with disabilities.

The views of 7,000 people cannot be ignored.

Kara Jenkins

Bromsberrow Heath