I am concerned for job losses in Ledbury, but these wild accusations in last week's paper will achieve nothing.

Herefordshire Council has provided substantial investment in the Master's House and a new civic hub. This valuable historic building will open in the autumn.

Herefordshire Council supported Halo to invest in leisure facilities, and supported the Civic Society to apply for a grant of over £400,000 to study our heritage assets in the town.

Ledbury has benefited from major investment in superfast broadband.

Readers will be pleased to know during May a business surgery will be held by the Economic Development Team.

l want even more for Ledbury, and will continue to use my position to make it happen.

In particular, l will be working hard to get the roads repaired to a decent standard in the coming months, and finally the Worcester road flooding problem solved with new drains.

Phill Bettington

Ledbury town councillor and county councillor