THE Malvern Hills Act of 1884 was passed to prevent further encroachment of the Malvern Hills and commons (building on it) or surreptitiously taking a few square metres from the edges and adding them to gardens.

In the 19th century hundreds of acres were whittled away like that, to the detriment of the rest of the community.

If a cable car is to be constructed, a new Bill will need to be introduced to overturn the specific provision of all the other Acts – that the hills and commons should not be built upon.

A new Bill would have to state precisely what may be built.

Do cable car supporters want only a cable car; or a cable car and toilets; or a cable car, toilets and a café; or a cable car, and visitor centre?

If any of these are built on the east side, what will happen if someone wants to build similarly on the west?

What if someone wants to build a 'modest' cottage or house on the hills or commons?

A precedent to build has been set; if building applications to the Conservators are refused, they will probably succeed on appeal.

Building anything on the hills or commons is opening Pandora's box; it would not be long before a Bill had to be presented to Parliament to prevent further encroachment of the Malvern Hills.

Cora Weaver