AFTER the article on the new housing figures (March 21) I am more concerned than ever about the South Worcestershire Development Plan.

All along we have been told by Councillor Hughes that it is the most suitable plan. It is going to save us all from speculative developers.

But last week he was quoted as saying "it is good the inspector has not asked us to withdraw the plan".

On reading the inspector's letter to the councils, he asks if the councils intend to progress with the plan.

So scrapping the whole thing and starting again must really have been an option.

I do not know which is worse, attempting to fix the broken plan or starting again.

Once again everything is left to the last minute with no clear plan.

This is a farce that is ruining peoples lives.

I am even more convinced now that those in charge have no idea what they are doing and they are not telling us the truth.

We need strong honest leaders to look after the best interests of Malvern Hills and we need them immediately.

Sarah Rouse

Leigh Sinton