HOW nice it is to read in this week's Malvern Gazette that the Tour of Britain cycle race will be coming to Malvern next year because of how "picturesque the towns are" .

How sad it is that by the time they get here they will probably be cycling from one building site to another.

However, we cannot complain. Every time the figures are criticised the house numbers increase, presumably to keep dissenters quiet.

We now read that it is to be 8,590 for Malvern alone.

Of course, given the number of developments already being waved through by our local councils by the time the local plan is sorted out, the actual number built will be many, many more.

Apparently, asking the locals where the houses should be built is a way of putting democracy back into the process. To me, it seems more like facing a firing squad and being offered the choice of where you would like the first bullet!

R Wilson