REGARDING petrol prices at Morrison's, a previous reader very accurately commented on the scandal of Morrison's petrol pricing strategy (March 21).

I found by accident the price difference between Malvern and Tewkesbury pricing.

Following last month's publication of very poor Morrison's annual trading results, I wrote to Morrison's highlighting their petrol pricing strategy and how our £60 weekly food spend now goes to Lidl and Aldi as a result. I never received a reply or explanation.

More of your readers should now do as we do and drive to Tewkesbury and get our cheaper Morison's fuel and then straight on to the local Aldi where our £60 shop now costs approximately £40.

So we now get cheaper fuel, about a one third saving on our just as good quality food bill, and send a stark message to Morrison's, who are not interested in retaining our loyalty.

Bernard Inns