I ATTENDED the Malvern Town Council annual meeting on March 16.

The meeting was very informative in general, but was at times made very tiresome due to the insistence of some members of the public continuing to press for answers to questions regarding the suspension of the town clerk, despite an excellent statement made by the mayor clearly informing all at the meeting that he is unable to divulge any further information relating to this matter due to confidentiality issues.

However, I was appalled at the very intimidating responses from two councillors to the people asking the questions, one councillor in particular who with his figure pointing actions should have been reprimanded by his peers.

It must be said that it was particularly disappointing that the councillors, almost en masse and with complete disregard to the wishes of the members of the public, attempted to block the perfectly reasonable request to move forward the public forum section on the agenda.

S D Jones

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