COUNCILLOR Mike Charles is very mistaken in comparing the cable car at the Heights of Abraham in Derbyshire with the proposal for installing one on the Malvern Hills.

The Matlock car gives access, excluding the winter months, to what is in effect a visitor centre. There are craft shops, a cafe, a children's playground and other facilities.

Although the landscape there is very attractive, it has not the unspoilt beauty of the Malvern Hills.

Making access easier and encouraging more visitors would entail more maintenance because of increased numbers.

The tramp of hundreds more feet, the litter and the provision of other facilities, including toilets, possibly a shop and cafe, as at Abraham's Heights would spoil the landscape of which Malvern is proud.

It would become necessary to make a charge, as at the Derbyshire venue. Free, all-year-round access to a precious natural and unspoilt area would be lost.

Mr Charles should think again.

Pat Palmer