Is Peter Atkins' suggestion (Letters, March 21) that fewer rescue centres would solve the pet overpopulation problem rather flippant?

The stray animals came first and sanctuaries grew out of their need.

The problem is irresponsible pet owners not getting their pets neutered, and unregulated breeders.

Many rescue centres start as someone finding a stray animal and taking it in, taking the responsibility that the original owner should have.

Then people find out and take advantage, dumping their unwanted animals on the doorstep, or else they just shut the door on them and let them take their chance.

Most rescue centres don't let their animals go to new homes without first being neutered, and they are usually de-wormed, de-fleaed and micro-chipped.

They also do their best in vetting new owners, although they can be more of a wild card than the animals.

Roberta Balfour