I attended the annual meeting of Malvern Town Council last week.

I wished to learn how Malvern in bloom was run and to understand more about neighbourhood plans.

For reasons known only to themselves quite a large angry mob hijacked the meeting, seemingly with a desire to publicly embarrass the suspended town clerk.

Despite being told that his lawyer had requested that everything be kept confidential, they aggressively repeated questions wishing to know what he had done.

Even a basic grasp of employment law should tell them that would have been illegal to reveal details in public.

But more so it would have been morally wrong to have the accusations aired in public without the town clerk's wish to do so.

I cannot understand the anger they showed.

Only once were costs mentioned. It was an embarrassing and utterly indefensible public attack on someone's right to privacy.

It spoiled my evening and I especially felt sorry for those involved in organising the event.

At least once the mob had left we were able to listen to the speakers in peace. They were all excellent.

Sarah Rouse

Leigh Sinton