In common with many other communities across south Worcestershire, Malvern Wells Parish Council is extremely concerned at the delays which have taken place during the inspection phase of the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP).

There is a very strong feeling that the wishes of the local populace regarding future development plans are being disregarded and that the Government’s Localism Act, which was supposed to pass on greater power to local councils to influence planning decisions, is badly failing to deliver.

The long delays which have already occurred in the SWDP reaching its current stage have meant the local area is coming under attack from speculative development applications, without the local planning authority having the defence of an identified five-year land supply and an approved development plan to fall back on.

The planning minister recently warned local authorities that they face “battles” over contentious development sites at an ever more increased level.

The delays that have already occurred in the SWDP process will not be helpful in fighting such battles, with the supposedly independent planning inspectorate being put under increased pressure to allow applications to succeed.

Cllr HelenBurrage

Chairman Malvern Wells Parish Council

David Taverner

Clerk to Malvern Wells Parish Council