Peace tranquillity and friendship are predominantly at the very heart of our Malvern community; however, it takes a lot of effort and mutuality to keep it that way.

Letters expressing appreciation for kind deeds are a pure treasure to read; alongside news and pictures of community celebrations that remind us of the milk of human kindness and kind wishes of townsfolk and tourists, we have the inevitable yin and yang, the bitter verses the sweet, it was ever thus.

Concerns are most often expressed in terms of housing, parking, a chairlift to the hills, politicians' decisions, indecision, and perceptions of big-spender squandering against an acknowledged period of austerity.

Should we have the Malvern Pound so that community love of our independent shops and businesses may prosper and expand? Well, I think so, but have no idea what problems or opposition would be encountered; I therefore ask Malvern residents to let me have their views, readers can email or write to me at 89 Poolbrook Road, Malvern WR14 3JW.

Martin Lawrence

Malvern town councillor