THE leader of Malvern Hills District Council seems completely blinkered to the opinions of the ratepayers

His casual shrug of the shoulders attitude for a man in his position is just not acceptable. We live in a democracy and freedom of speech is a luxury we enjoy; we are all entitled to our opinion.

His statement regarding the ‘snouts in the trough’ petition raised by town councillor Martin Lawrence was no surprise and demonstrates his contempt to any opposition.

Is he not aware of the outcry by Malvern residents about the outrageous increase to allowances far and above the rate of inflation?

I understand that the Malvern Gazette received numerous letters protesting against these increases.

His statement regarding the planning issues was equally meaningless given costs incurred for bad decisions.

It should be remembered that it is the ratepayers who pay the allowances, and have every right to expect a better performance from the leadership of the council than has been provided over the past eighteen months or so.

SD Jones

Malvern Link