At a meeting of Malvern Hills District Council on February 25, a councillor asked for the £1,000 per councillor grant to good causes to be restored.

He was told this was not affordable. Half an hour later councillors voted for self interest by voting for increased councillor allowances (note, these are not actual expenses).

Some beneficiaries of these allowances earn per hour between £131 and £350.

As a Malvern town councillor working for free, with zero allowances or expenses, I ask: “Is the district council bankrupt financially or just morally?”.

I desperately need supporters to help take signatures in opposition to this legalised mugging, dressed up as a democratic decision.

Just 750 signatures will automatically trigger scheduling of the issue for a debate at a meeting of the full district council, open to the public, and the petition organiser will be invited to attend.

Petition wording: "I declare my objection and opposition to the newly adopted allowances at Malvern Hills District Council and call upon councillors to (1) rethink the decision (2) publicly declare that if the decision is not reversed, councillors will donate their allowance increase to named charities."

Please sign the petition now at

Martin Lawrence

Malvern town councillor