It was good to see from the Ledbury Reporter that our town council have decided to reverse their decision to close the ‘heritage area’ toilets in Church Lane and keep those in Bye Street open.

As a heritage town it seems clear that if a choice has to be made then the toilets in Church Lane are the obvious ones to keep open.

As Councillor Richard Hadley is reported as saying, it would be preferable to keep open both blocks.

I understand that the original decision to keep open Bye Street was made because that block is more modern and to convert its doors to accept pay locks would be comparatively cheap.

So why not do that and let Ledbury visitors and shoppers have the option of either convenience?

On the question of Hereford Council’s seemingly rather silly decision to charge for car parking in Ledbury from 6pm until 10pm, I wonder if any thought has been given to how the car parks will be policed.

As the lighter evenings approach, I assume it will be reasonably easy but unreasonably costly to pay the council staff overtime at premium rates to check on non-paying parkers.

I very much doubt, however, that this would be cost-effective.

However, when the weather turns cold and wet and the dark nights return, who is going to volunteer to walk round possibly icy car parks with a torch to check on the non-payers?

If Herefordshire Council’s decision is implemented, the car parks will be empty as they were when a similar decision was made (and subsequently rescinded) about paying for Sunday parking.

Street parking will become the norm after 6pm.

I really wonder why Herefordfordshire Council’s finances are in such a parlous state. After all, they seem to cut services to the bone and still increase the council tax.

I see that my monthly contribution to this tax is to rise to some £226 and feel that as a retired person living in Ledbury I receive a very poor return on this investment.

John Worby