I am writing to thank and to congratulate the organisers of the Science and Faith weekend that took place at a variety of locations across Malvern at the weekend.

The speakers were of the highest calibre and the talks were extremely thought provoking.

So first and foremost I would like to thank Andrew Webb from Holly Mount United Reform Church for conceiving the idea and for bringing it to fruition.

Finding such an array of top brass speakers and securing suitable venues is no mean feat and I think that Mr Webb should be commended for his achievements and thanked for providing the people of Malvern and elsewhere with such a stimulating weekend.

However, my thanks goes to Mr Webb first and foremost for providing children with the most incredible day of fun and fascination at Holly Mount Church (Heavenly Bodies, An Art and Science Activity Day).

Mr Webb secured the involvement of ThinkTank at Birmingham Science Museum, which provided space shows throughout the day in a dome described by my young daughter as "the black igloo".

The success of the day was due to the extremely large number of volunteers, drawn mainly from Holly Mount Church, who provided such brilliant craft activities for the children and who assisted with manning the space shows and cafe area.

My daughter spent three hours at the event and could have stayed for longer if we had not dragged her away.

The only downside to attending the event was that my daughter now wants me to recreate the spaceship, which children and adults could enter, inside our small living room.

The spaceship was built from a gazebo and huge amounts of recycled materials by two amazing women, Sarah Staniforth and Katherine Atkinson.

Anyone who had the privilege to visit the event could not fail to be amazed and mesmerised upon entering this atmospheric and mesmerising space, filled with a huge array of glowing buttons and containing a large window looking out into space and robot like installations.

I want to say a big thank you to these two Malvern mums for giving up over 48 hours of their time to create a space that brought so much pleasure to children and grown-ups alike.

It is people like Andrew, Sarah and Katherine that make Malvern the special place that it is.

If we had people like them in charge of running the council and representing us in London, Malvern would be a beacon of excellence.

As it is, we have to be grateful that we have people like them who do so much for the rest of us living here.

We should take their example as an inspiration to do a bit more ourselves to bring some magic into the lives of others.

Anna Silver