HAVE the dog owners who support rescue dogs thought about why there are so many such dogs in so many such centres?

Who is to blame for the surfeit of dogs (and cats within the various cats' shelters)?

It can only be dog owners themselves. Not everyone is moving house.

Can I suggest that the "changing circumstances" as mentioned by the RSPCA co-ordinator are that the owners are simply unable or unwilling to cope.

Owning a dog is a lovely idea. But it is very hard work, as has already been pointed out.

"If it gets tough, we'll just pass it on to the rescue centre." The easy way out.

Someone else can then take over the arduous responsibility of care, feeding, walking, housing (it's just as well we don't have such places for our children).

Perhaps that's the answer – have fewer rescue centres.

A dog is for life – not just until you get tired of it!

Peter Atkins