Who decides how much a councillor is worth?

Our 'leader' Cllr Hughes has decided he is worth another £2,500 a year, which increases his allowance to £25,000 a year. This for a man who has failed in his prime duty of representing the electorate in his ward by voting through the housing developments which are taking place left, right and centre in Leigh Sinton, his argument being that his Conservative government would make him do it anyway so what is the point of him objecting to the developments.

However, his deputy, Cllr Paul Swinburn, takes the biscuit with a 70 per cent increase in his allowance to take it to £17,850 per year.

Even some of the lesser councillors are getting an extra £1,500.

It does seem the electorate appears to have no say in what any of the councillors grant themselves. I wonder why?

While this is going on the council employees who actually do the work are being granted, I understand, a one per cent wage increase. I thought we paid our taxes for the services provided, not for councillors.

Mark Starr

Leigh Sinton