SINCE there is no money available from London Midland, why not consider the following proposal to help passengers to board trains for Birmingham.

Trains pass each other at Ledbury. The train on the up line (towards Birmingham) should wait until the train for Hereford (on the down line) has departed.

The up train should then move forward until it is clear of the points and then set back into the down platform so that people with pushchairs or disabilities can board it.

There is a signal box on site and the signalman would be able to see all movements.

It would, of course, involve adjustments to the timetable.

Whether the track layout would allow London trains to do the same would have to be investigated.

Years ago, when the station was Ledbury Junction with a line going off towards Gloucester, crossover manoeuvres between the up and down lines such as the one proposed would have been common and there was also a goods yard.

The station would have seen many more traffic movements than it does now.

J F Barnes