With regard to the agenda for next weeks full council meeting, the allowance for Councillor Paul Swinburn is proposed at an extra £7,350.

It does not show that he already gets a £4,200 councillors' allowance plus £6,300 portfollio allowance, which would bring him to £17,850 when the waste operatives will be lucky to get one per cent. Loaders are on £15,000 if they are lucky.

The chairman of development control will double their allowance to £4,200.

The leader will get a rise of £2,100.

The chairman of the standards board will get £1,050. He/she has never had an allowance.

At a time when we are making cuts to all services this really is a disgrace.

Conservatives should be tightening their belts and sharing hard times.

If workloads are so great they should share with the other 30 councillors.

Sarah Rouse

Leigh Sinton