Two Victorian doctors found an area of outstanding beauty and turned a small settlement on the Malvern Hills into a major tourist destination.

Stone was blasted from the hillsides, houses and roads were built .

A railway line was cut along the lower slopes and even tunnelled through the hill itself.

The result was that people came to Malvern. They were carried up the hills on donkeys and were rewarded with the view and refreshments from the cafe. The populous gained from employment and the town thrived.

Now the town needs inspiration and investment to revitalise it.

Walkers have 10 miles to take in the peace and solitude, and many do not even set foot in the town as there is little to attract them.

The current idea to build a cable car system seems to me an ideal way for the young, old, disabled and able bodied to enjoy Malvern's greatest asset, while giving the town a boost.

We all live and work in what was once an area of outstanding beauty, but sadly someone built our houses and factories on it for us.

In this crowded island there has to be compromise.

Roger Cutts