Three cheers to the Malvern Gazette for the article (February 7) highlighting the work done by Sue Penny of the PennyHaPenny Horse and Pony Rescue.

This local charity has come to the aid of many animals that have been abused and cruelly abandoned.

Unlike many of the large charitable organisations, Sue Penny (chairman) does not draw a large salary for her work.

She provides financial support and hands on care; as all horse owners will know, this costs time and money. This has been a particularly bad winter.

Sue answers all reported calls of abuse, and deals with them as best she can. Some animals can eventually be re-homed, but cruelty could leave long lasting scars.

In 2014 we are honouring the huge sacrifice of human life in theFirst World War.

Can we also remember the six million horses whose lives were also lost in that dreadful conflict?

This deserving local charity desperately needs support.

Anne Watson