I am appalled by the penny-pinching attitude of Ledbury Town Council in voting not to fund the public toilets in Church Lane, thereby threatening their closure.

For several years now Dymock Parish Council have financed the upkeep of the public toilets in Dymock for the benefit of local people and for tourists.

If a small village like Dymock can keep their toilets why cannot a town the size of Ledbury with all its shops and businesses?

We have often heard how important toilets are to Ledbury, for both tourists and out-of-town shoppers.

So what have the councillors decided to do? Close an important facility to visitors right in the most visited area of the town.

With this mindset maybe the encouragement of an out-of-town supermarket should be supported.

At least these supermarkets will be convenient, and have conveniences!

Andrew Perry