Every time a major supermarket plans to open a new store, figures are given about jobs created.

Nowhere have I ever read about how many jobs will be lost, how many small business will be closed, and how many treasured relationships will be no more.

Nor do I read about the takeover of a corporate culture, which sees customers as 'consumer units' with their buying preferences logged and manipulated.

I don't read about genetically modified food, and the toxic partnerships all supermarkets have with corporations whose employees are spared eating the poison they produce.

Where do I read about supermarkets pouring bleach over 'waste' food to stop the homeless eating it?

All we get is the company PR, government lies and MPs ingratiating themselves at the multi-national trough. We don't need supermarkets, we need small, local businesses who see customers as friends, place a value on service and create a wonderful diversity of goods and services.

"New supermarket may destroy up to 1,000 jobs" would be honest reporting.

But I won't be holding my breath.

Jack Stewart