Pay food vouchers instead of benefits

I have donated to the food bank in Malvern the tins that always get pushed to the back of the cupboard but are still in date.

I am glad to help any family who through no fault of their own need help to feed their children or even themselves.

My dad taught us the saying "there but for the grace of God go I".

But in the past couple of weeks I have heard of people who are abusing the generosity of others, pleading poverty to certain officials and bagging themselves a visit to the food bank.

Now these people are the ones who cannot feed their children but can afford to sit on the doorstep with a can in their hand; the same people who choose to smoke their weed or do other drugs; the same people who cannot work because of their so-called addictions.

It makes me so mad that these people are allowed to abuse organisations like the food bank.

Maybe it is time the Government paid some of their benefits in food vouchers for the food bank instead of feeding their addictions.

Mrs V Brookes

Malvern Link