I WAS dismayed to read of the parking fines levied on the owners of Holland’s optometrists and their neighbour, when they had parked there for six years believing it was their land.

It seems the street scene team is not afraid to show its true function now, as extortionists on behalf of the council. Why else would fines be levied on a piece of land which is of no value to shoppers? What possible benefit can there be to the townspeople in keeping this land empty?

Is the council planning a floral display there? No, this sordid affair shows that this parking enforcement is just a council business, designed to get the maximum income from parking, rather than a positive step for shops and shoppers.

It shines a bright light on the sickening hypocrisy of some of our local decisionmaking processes within the council. For a year or more the council was trumpeting the value to shopkeepers and townspeople of the soon-to arrive-traffic wardens.

This is just the sort of thing that will drive people away from Great Malvern.

G FOX West Malvern