ON JANUARY 16 at a meeting of the full planning committee of Malvern Hills District Council, a planning application from Cala Homes to build 53 houses in Leigh Sinton was passed despite it being refused last month by a council planning committee.

Why were we even there?

Because Duncan Rudge and Garry Williams from the council’s planning department did not agree with the previous decision, they thought there would be insufficient grounds to resist the inevitable appeal from the developers.

Was this decision made based on the possible cost of an appeal or on planning grounds? Not many in the public gallery seemed to share their opinion. There did not appear to be much support for the application within the village.

There are two district councillors for the ward of Alfrick and Leigh, Tony Warburton and David Hughes, the leader of the district council. Cllr Warburton spoke against.

Councillor Hughes spoke in favour.

At no time did Cllr Hughes consult his electorate. Democracy is no longer an option for the residents of Leigh Sinton.

The legacy of Cllr Hughes’ leadership will be the blight of overdevelopment in our area of outstanding natural beauty.

It was particularly galling to see him congratulating the successful applicants for a job well done!

Thank you, Cllr Hughes, for all you have done for your ward, and may I suggest you have well and truly earned an early retirement.