IN FEBRUARY 2013, Malvern Hills District Council’s chief executive said, in a letter to the Malvern Gazette about the introduction of wheelie bins, that “councillors here at Malvern Hills District Council have been heavily involved in the process leading up to and including the decision to make the changes”.

He went on to say, “It is also a fact that the council has been open, transparent and honest during the process leading to the decision and has not shrouded the issue as has been mischievously suggested”. We now have a concise report of an investigation undertaken by councillors based on documentary evidence into what actually happened.

I challenged Mr Bocock about his letter at the time as I believed that the council had shown little transparency in the decision making process.

He responded by saying his letter was about “unacceptable behaviour and a lack of respect”.

Well, we now have the report which makes the facts clear: this council’s leaders and the officers involved in this decision should be required to explain fully their unacceptable behaviour and the complete lack of respect shown to the 30 councillors, and the taxpaying residents they represent, in their deliberate exclusion from this decision.

I challenge them now to prove what I say to be incorrect or do that.