ON February 22 and March 8 last year, the Malvern Gazette published letters from Malvern Hills District Council chief executive Chris Bocock stating facts in relation to the introduction of wheelie bins. As mentioned in last week’s article, this led to much uproar and to both councillors and members of the public suffering months of complaints. Some of which still rumble on now.

The comments made by Mr Bocock and the fallout from the events that followed are, I think, of such importance that they deserve sufficient coverage by publication in full. On this I have the backing of many others.

I was invited to the overview and scrutiny meeting as a witness and I have all the evidence to back up every comment made in this letter. What has happened here deserves to be fully understood by the taxpayer. It is not just about wheelie bins but a fundamental attempt to undermine democracy.

This is the most talked about topic in Malvern and the truth needs to be clearly set out for your readers. Mr Bocock can then always respond as he did last year.

SARAH ROUSE Leigh Sinton