THE Mad Hatter is alive and well in the cellars of County Hall. He is having a good laugh at our plaintive cries as we wait for reason and common sense to reappear in the council’s decision-making processes.

He is the little man with cobwebs in his beard who dreamed up the new rules for the vouchers at council tips, cunningly worded to ensure the maximum frustration and impotent foaming at the mouth on the part of long-suffering residents. Have you read the rules for trailers? Only tiddlers are now admitted, Toytown trailers are OK but no macho ones!

There are 12 vouchers per year, regardless of the size of your garden. But you can have 48 if you buy three more cars! So generous!

The start date appears to be now, but the ‘year’ ends in March when a new application has to be filled in. Clever, eh?

One per calendar month (that is in extra heavy type).

So when the need is greatest – for the six summer months – you can’t go more than once (without buying the extra car or two). In winter there will be next to no demand, but you will have the vouchers. Perhaps they could be sent to friends as Christmas gifts.

Why is this system being introduced? To reduce the total amount of waste brought along. Where will the remainder go? Who cares? Not our council, that’s for sure. Recycling seems to be a concept too difficult for them. Flytipping is preferable, perhaps.

I think we need to know more about this and the names of these clever lads and lasses who probably don’t need tips because they are too busy making antidemocratic rules to do any gardening themselves.

Let’s find their names and have the last laugh, shall we? Do you know any?

Vote them out, I say.