TWO weeks ago in the Gazette, our two local Conservative MPs discussed immigration.

They seemed very relaxed about the issue. In fact they appeared very pro the issue.

As we all know some 500,000 immigrants were allowed to come here due to the disastrous Labour open doors policy. I fully expected to see letters debating this issue in last week’s column. To my surprise there were none.

But there were three stories of communities being concerned about more housing. A growing population, more housing required – some connection perhaps? So let me comment on the issue here.

Now it's all very well for our local MPs to play down the immigration issue, living in their detached houses and ample grounds and with salaries that enable them to buy privileged private healthcare, schooling and other amenities. But what about the rest of us who inhabit the real world?

We live in the most densely populated country in Europe, which already means pressure on all services. With more people coming here, house prices will continue to rise. No hospital bed? Overcrowded schools? Don’t recognise the land you grew up in? I think we know the answer, even if our out-of-touch MPs don’t.

Think I’m racist? I grew up in South London, with an Asian family living on one side and a West Indian family on the other, and went to school in Brixton. I have made friendships with individuals from all over the world. All people are equal, but this country is simply becoming full up!

Come elections, just think carefully about how you’d like to see your country in 10 or 20 years’ time.