SOME 14 years ago, my parents bought a house in Welland from the estate of a lady who, unfortunately, died in a car accident.

While most of the owner’s possessions were removed, a few items remained, including a cardboard box of 35mm slides. The box contains some 60 Kodak slide boxes, each containing either 24 or 36 slides – a total of at least 1,500 slides. The slides are dated in the 1960s and the Kodak boxes are addressed to a Miss D Browning, 8 Church Road, Malvern Link.

My father subsequently died and the box has come to light after my mother moved house. Enquiries with the present owner of the house in Malvern Link have drawn a blank and I seek information from anyone who might know Miss Browning so that I can return the slides.

It is possible that Miss Browning was something of a traveller as many slides seem to be of foreign cities although I haven’t studied the collection in detail.

If anyone can help to trace Miss Browning or her family, I would be delighted to hand over these slides rather than throw them away.

BOB PROPHET Upton-upon-Severn