I WRITE in reply to S. V.

Holloway’s letter concerning my views the previous week on the outline planning application for 45 houses on land at Rothwell Road/Hanley Road in Malvern Wells.

I do sympathise with your difficulty in being priced out of the housing market and not wanting to move away.

Having come very close to losing our house in the 1995 recession, we feel lucky every day.

We have lived here for 26 years now and have grown to love the views out across fields.

Whatever happens now, it seems inevitable these are to be replaced by bricks, mortar and parked cars.

The South Worcestershire Development Plan stipulated 35 houses which does include affordable housing.

My letter was to voice concern that developers are trying to beat the SWDP finalisation date by upping the total to 45, not out of any goodness of heart but simply to make more money.

The new 45 house plan is denser, regimented and encroaches on more of the field.

Echoes of : ‘the Fruitlands estate, we must never let it happen again....’ We may well be forced to move as well.


Malvern Wells