I WRITE in response to Victoria Walter’s letter regarding the outline application to build 45 homes on land at Rothwell Road/Hanley Road in Malvern Wells.

The views of Victoria and no doubt many others are perfectly understandable.

I have lived in Malvern all my life and have a deep passion and concern for the Hills.

I detest the idea of development ruining this precious place.

However, when I read about the houses and in particular the fact some are to be ‘affordable’, I admit I felt a glimmer of hope that at last we may be given the chance to purchase a home of our own in a place we care deeply about.

Priced out of the housing market, we rent privately, as do many others.

At some point we will most likely have to consider moving away.

Of course I don’t want to see development in Malvern Wells which would be detrimental to wildlife and would stress this is looked at closely to ensure as little damage as possible.

But I do think that if people are to be given the chance to stay here, we have to try to embrace opportunities that allow this to happen.

S V HOLLOWAY Malvern Wells