HOW much longer do we have to endure the intolerable parking situation that exists on the roads adjacent to Colwall Primary School?

During the last week of the Christmas term I counted 70 cars parked between the Elms School and the Yew Tree pub.

Not only are the cars parked there for picking up and dropping off, but many of them are parked on the highway all day, thus reducing traffic flow.

I’ve even seen a number of impatient heavy goods vehicles driving up the pavement on the opposite side to the parked vehicles, turning the road into a three-lane highway. We have all had to adapt to modern traffic conditions whether we like it or not but the highway and pavement adjacent to Colwall Primary School is becoming extremely dangerous. It is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident as motorists become more and more frustrated with this ridiculous situation.

Surely part of the green between the Elms School and the primary school should be turned into temporary parking, possibly using a plastic membrane that would allow the area to remain grassed, before there is an accident or even a death.

So come on Conservators, you manage the green, I am not suggesting you tarmac the area, but please act before it’s too late.