IN writing that the two local ward members supported the reopening of the Lamb pub in West Malvern, Councillor Regimbeau is absolutely correct. In every other respect, it seems he has not done his research.

The stance we took at planning committee – had Coun Regimbeau attended he would have known we were not alone in this – was that West Malvern, which in living memory boasted eight pubs, but now has just one, could ill afford to lose this vital amenity. The local pub acts as a community hub, in an area that has no full-time shop, no post office, poor public transport and precious little employment.

Coun Regimbeau would have understood the extent of local opinion had he attended the public meetings, attended the parish council meetings that discussed the matter on many occasions, knocked on the doors of many dozens of local residents, and read the public representations – all of which we ward councillors did. We listened to what local people were telling us and this informed the presentations we made to the planning committee.

This is what we were elected to do – listen to and speak for local people.

The application approved by the planning committee was not to turn the pub into housing. The owner has always been very amenable to the suggestion that the pub should be reopened and many in West Malvern still hope a way can be found to retain an asset for the local community and somewhere that can be enjoyed by the many visitors to our wonderful Malvern Hills.


Malvern Hills Green Party