NOT being totally familiar with the Malvern Hills District Council wheelie bin scenario, they are often a blot on the landscape and difficult to manoeuvre.

Councillor Mike Charles is right to pursue the matter (Malvern Gazette, January 11).

The current use of bags is quite adequate and must in the long term offer a cheaper collection facility than bins, which require specialist vehicles, a slower, more labour intensive and consequently costly method of disposal.

A short term one-off Central Government bung does not address the longer term running costs, which will no doubt increase.

One presumes that the requirement for individual household glass collection stems from an EU directive but in France there is no individual doorstep collection for any waste.

Are the council proposals gold plating the need to collect glass? Why not have more kerbside collection points where recyclable waste is separated and precludes double handling and the need for separation after collection?

The predilection to ignore public opinion is becoming more prevalent with councils ignoring the wishes of the electorate.

The recent shambles on the consideration of the South Worcestershire Development Plan is a case in point.