THE article in last week’s Gazette reporting the granting of planning permission for two private dwellings on part of the land attached to the Lamb public house suggests that many local residents of West Malvern would like to see this once popular pub reopened.

Two local councillors appear to support this view but without any suggestions as to how an incoming landlord is to make it pay.

It is not only money but also the necessary expertise to manage such an establishment.

The keeping of a real ale cellar requires more than just tapping a barrel or plugging on the more modern kegs of lager or cider.

It requires dedication to good beer and food and a willingness to provide appropriate entertainment for customers.

The no smoking ban and the more strict drink driving rules, whilst to be applauded have made it more difficult to attract customers and no customers means no income.

No customers means that this old pub is going the way of many others and is destined to remain closed unless somebody can find a practical answer for any new tenant or owner.