IN these cash-straitened times it is perfectly reasonable for local residents to expect the council to review existing processes with a view to improving efficiency and making appropriate savings.

It would appear that domestic waste collection processes are currently in the sights of the council.

It seems more than a little disturbing that the powers that be seem not only intent on resurrecting the introduction of wheelie bins, but foisting them on to local residents without any consultation.

The last time this issue was discussed a raft of compelling and logical arguments were marshalled as to why wheelie bins are unsuitable for local needs.

The topography and demographics of the Malvern Hills area is ill-suited to wheelie bins, while previous experiments saw wheelie bins becoming potential hazards as they were frequently left blocking paths and driveways by both residents and refuse collectors alike.

The current system works perfectly well and so we would suggest that if the council has any regard for those it is meant to serve it will leave well alone and focus its energies on issues that really do warrant its attention.


Malvern Link