IN response to Mrs R McNally s letter (December 21) and assuming no one from the council has answered your questions I thought I would give my opinion.

1. The European Union has forced the UK to offer kerbside recycling of glass by 2015.

2. The officers and portfolio holder said boxes were too expensive. The £16,000 survey they commissioned in the summer to find out if residents wanted wheelie bins was pointless as they had already put in a bid for Pickles money in the spring outlining the adoption of wheelie bins.

3. Currently Worcester Council pays for the removal of recycled glass from the Malvern Hills District Council via the car park recycling points.

4. The £1.6 million will cover the cost of setting up the new system. But it is still taxpayers’ money and it only lasts three years..

Finally all our recycling goes to Envirosort which deals with co-mingled (mixed up recycling) so the glass will be fine all smashed up with the paper.


Leigh Sinton