WE should all remember that the Westminster Liberal Democrats took a brave and difficult decision in becoming the junior member in a coalition with the Conservatives but it did allow the country to have a Government.

Nick Clegg and his colleagues have sought to restrict the more outrageous demands of their Conservative partners but despite their efforts many people have sought to endlessly criticise their actions, some local councillors, abandoning their Lib-Dem principles by distancing themselves and crossing the floor to another party in the hope that this will make them more electable.

We should remember that those that jump ship deserve to drown.

As a town councillor I have no influence on planning decisions although I must say that I am one who is in favour of the Gleeson development plan for Newland and I believe that this project will be of great benefit to the majority of Malvern people over the coming years, providing employment and housing for a great number of people.


Liberal Democrat, Malvern