MAY I say a big thank you to everybody who donated so generously to the street collection I did for the homeless charity Crisis outside Great Malvern Post Office last Friday afternoon.

The collection raised a total of £102.80, which is a record for me for a single day’s collection.

This is enough to provide at least five people with total support and help during the Christmas period – not just Christmas dinner, but three hot meals during the whole Christmas period, as well as a warm welcome and good company, warm accommodation with clean sleeping facilities, bathing and showers, new clothes and shoes, medical and dental checks, new glasses if they are needed, counselling advice, guidance on how to rid themselves of drink or drug addictions, and assistance in how to turn their lives around for good and get benefit entitlement, housing and even jobs.

With the global economic situation worsening by the year, the work of Crisis has never been more important than it is today.

I wish everybody who gave to my collection a very merry Christmas and a terrific 2013.


North Malvern