WITH regards to the letter about dogs fouling and the owners failing to clean it up.

Firstly there is one dog warden who on his own stands very little chance of catching them.

He needs the help of the good people who consider others. You also find that these are the ones who say ‘not on my doorstep’.

Where I live I have seen owners kick the mess onto verges and walk off.

The alleyways leading from Pickersleigh Road to the cemetery and Cotswold Road are a haven for dog walkers who allow their dogs to foul them.

I’m not blaming all – just the ones who do – pushchairs and children have to have the mess removed, and I have taken pictures of the dog mess and sent them to Malvern Hills District Council.

Lastly, I believe the same issue is on the Link end of the common so it needs a purge on them and fines.

Good luck to the wardens on this – hit people in the pockets where it hurts the most.