I WOULD like to respond to the front page article in last week’s Malvern Gazette.

It is my experience, after driving the A449 between Malvern and Powick on a daily basis, that it is in fact not the fault of speeding or reckless drivers on this road that causes accidents, but it is more likely to be the amount of drivers who decide to drive at between 40 and 50 mph on this section of road, more so the ones that drive at 50mph between the bypass roundabout at Worcester to the roundabout just inside Malvern.

When learning to drive I was told that if I didn't accelerate to 60mph at the national speed limit signs then I was not making progress therefore in my test I risked failing my test.

Now I’m not claiming that I would pass now, but a lot of these people would fail because of this.

It hinders people wanting to make their way and causes a lot of the tailbacks on this road.

Sorry for this rant but I feel it has to be said.