I WAS surprised that the ‘nod’ was given to the proposed housing project along the south side of Welland Road, Upton.

This would introduce ‘ribbon’ development which for decades planning authorities have been trying to discourage.

More importantly, in this case, is that it will lead to a substantial numbers of parents and children having to cross the increasingly busy road to access the schools, play areas and their friends ‘on the other side’.

The above was recognised by the declared need for a 30mph speed limit, a zebra crossing, traffic lights and an island.

In addition as there will be only one vehicle access onto the main road for all the new houses there will be considerable traffic jams at peak times.

Having lived previously in a similar situation I have been witness to the many traffic accidents and loss of life that this proposed layout can bring, which, in our case, was only solved by building a new by-pass.

I understand that there was a previous scheme proposed by the planers on the north side of the road which would alleviate most of the above problems.

I am not directly affected by the scheme except for using the road out of the town.