I WOULD like to reiterate the concerns of your correspondent concerning Malvern Link station (‘Not the ticket’, October 26).

We frequent and loyal users of London Midland Railways do not want helpful staff replaced by ticket machines.

In addition to job losses, vandalism will increase and stations will become less safe for passengers.

My concern is that parking is free at Great Malvern station but not at Malvern Link.

This distorts the picture, presenting Malvern Link as less busy when in fact people drive to Great Malvern to avoid the charges.

However the parking issue could easily be resolved by offering a parking permit for residents similar to that already offered by MHDC for car parks in Malvern.

Overall this could cost considerably less than the present daily charge.

Alternatively the parking charges could be reduced so that train users do not feel obliged to park in the adjoining roads.