IT was an interesting reply from Councillor Cheeseman (Car parking woe – letters, November 2) to my letter regarding the increase in the ratepayers’ parking permit.

At no point does he try to explain why we the ratepayer should be lumbered with this ridiculous increase.

Surely good sense would suggest that even in laid-back Malvern voices would be raised in protest, or just maybe the council has been lulled into thinking that anything goes.

One possible result of this increase based on my conversations with other irate ratepayers could be a huge reduction in the amount of parking permits applied for by residents, thus reducing income. This could be a case of shooting oneself in the foot or as Coun Cheeseman jokingly puts it, the jackboot.

I really would like the decision-makers to be realistic; these are indeed difficult times for everyone, and incomes are under pressure.

BOB AMATT, Castlemorton