A MALVERN mother who almost lost her young baby to meningitis has backed a national campaign to raise awareness of the illness.

Claire Evans, from Summerfield Road, supported Meningitis Awareness Week, which took place last week after her then four-week-old baby Ioan contracted Group B streptococcus (GBS).

She said: “He was making funny grunting noises and I couldn’t rouse him. He kept opening his eyes and then shutting them again.”

Mrs Evans and her husband took Ioan to hospital where he quickly deteriorated, being put into an induced coma in order to keep him alive.

She added: “We were incredibly lucky not to lose Ioan to GBS meningitis. I had no idea that there is a test available for pregnant women to see if they’re GBS carriers. I’d advise mothers-to-be to be aware of this test, and of the symptoms of meningitis.”

For a free symptoms pack or if you are concerned call MRF’s helpline on 080 8800 3344.

This information is also available by texting MRF to 82088. It costs just one text message with minimal data download charges.